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One Nation Echad - Israel

Posted by Messiahs Truth on April 21, 2011 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (2)

As the world system strives to bring havoc and ultimately divide the land of Israel, many people are choosing to make a stand in supporting the unity of Israel.


Although many of us do not know what tribe of Israel we are from, there is a definite stirring in the hearts of men, women and children around the world saying, "Yes, we are a part of Israel. We don't know how but we know in our heart and we know in our spirit that we are part of Israel; and we stand for Israel. as one body we cry out and say, 'Shema Israel, Adonai (YHWH) Eloheinu, Adonai (YHWH) Echad.'"


Echad is our cry!  Israel is our cry!  One Nation Echad is our cry for Israel!


We are making a stand for Israel in many ways: through gatherings, songs, articles, email, websites, postcards, and so on.  One silent testimony is through statements on items such as T-shirts and coffee mugs. It really doesn't matter how we make our statement; our stand. The important thing is to make a stand.

One option is to make a stand with a 'One Nation Echad' coffee cup found at www.MessiahsTruth.com. Or design your own cup, t-shirt or object at websites like Zazzle.com or Cafepress.com. Take action to make a statement. It's time to draw the line in the sand. Who is on the Lord's side?


If I Were The Enemy - Part 1 - [from the book Let Yahshua Rock Your World]

Posted by Messiahs Truth on October 27, 2010 at 3:07 PM Comments comments (0)

Using stealth of course, as the “enemy” of Elohim (GOD), I would cause the “Church” to fall into apostasy (fall away) by hiding the truth in plain view. Without even the slightest clue, [although there are some who do have a clue, but choose to follow the status quo] my methods would cause Christian leaders to fall into error by introducing doctrines of demons right under their nose.


From the very beginning, I would start adding to the Word of Elohim by planting an evil seed in Chavvah’s (Eve’s) heart, causing her to add to the Word of Elohim. (“He told me not to touch the tree” – when she’d only heard Him say not to eat of it.) And this would be the beginning of men and women adding to and subtracting from His Word to this very day (see Genesis 3:1-3).


Yes, through adding and subtracting, emphasizing and de-emphasizing, twisting and turning (the Word), leaders and their followers would submit to every wind of doctrine under the sun except the one laid out in the Scriptures. (Imagine that.)

They would say things like: “I’m of Calvin, I’m of Luther, I’m of Apollos, I’m of Paul, I’m Baptist, I’m Presbyterian, I’m Church of Christ, I’m Apostolic, I’m Catholic, I’m Methodist, Charismatic, I’m Non-Denominational” and on and on… I think you get the picture. Having convinced each group that they are the ones with the truth, I would keep them busy defending their doctrines rather than searching the Scriptures to find out the things that please the Father and His Son.


The delusion and deception would be so strong that they would fall into the trap of defending those “man-made” beliefs, even putting them above the True Word of Elohim. As a result, I’d be able to establish thousands of denominations…each believing its doctrines and creeds were correct. You might call it “Burger King Christianity” – have it your way. (This would be my little inside joke.)


Of course to legitimize these doctrines, I would have them taught in Theological Seminaries and Christian Universities. Then I would use man’s desire to belong to a community of like-minded people to draw them into the different denominations.

Next, I would water down the original language of the Scriptures using a multitude of translations – weaving just enough deception so as not to cause any “red flags” to pop up. Subtle additions and omissions to support my lies, would easily lead the people astray – because the more inaccurate the translation the better chance I’d have of advancing my agenda. No one would think to go back to the original meaning of the words. Truth would then be “lost in translation.”


I would especially blind them with a false FORM of worship by using a false DEFINITION of sin (for more about this, see Chapter 5 and Appendix 6). They’d end up with a “form” of Godliness but deny the power therein. - See the Book here...

Oneness - Echad

Posted by Messiahs Truth on July 20, 2010 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (1)

As I sit here, contemplating the events of this week; reviewing in my mind the conversations with my friends in Messiah; I hear a small voice eching this word - Oneness.


As we draw closer and closer to the return of our blessed Messiah, I hear the Father's voice cry out to me saying - Oneness.


As the whole earth literally trembles with earthquakes, tsunamies, sink holes, floods, tornadoes, storms, oil spills and catastrophies here and there I hear the word - Oneness.


As different fractions of the Torah believing people of Messiah spout their differences of principle and doctrine, I keep hearing the voice of the Father say - Oneness.


Oneness is the torah-centered reality that we all share.  Oneness is the truth of the Messiah Yahshua that we all share.  Oneness is the kingdom of YHWH that we are all drawn to.


Oneness is the focus that our hearts, minds and spirits are destined to attain.


As the world suffers the division that is being provoked by dividing Israel (which the Father will not allow), we must focus on the Oneness that the Torah demands, Yahshua demands, the Father demands. The Whole House of Israel - Oneness.

Deuteronomy 6:4 clearly states, "Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God; the Lord is one."  I believe that what is being said is this, "Israel, Hear, Listen, Pay Attention and Obey What You Are Hearing! The Lord Your God; Yahweh Your Elohim Is One; ECHAD. Therefore You Also Must Be One, Echad.

The emphasis is not twelve separate tribes; not two houses; but one new man, one nation in Messiah. 

All the tribes have sinned; the twelve brides were divorced. Yahshua died and rose again to RE-MARRY HIS BRIDE. THE BRIDE IS ISRAEL!  This is why the 'whole house of Israel'; the twelve tribes united as ONE; ECHAD!!!

Oneness; being one; Echad; One Israel, not just twelve tribes but ONE ISRAEL!  One nation under GOD; under ELOHIM; ECHAD!

Join with me as I take a stand for the WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL - Echad.

MessiahsTruth.com is a website for the WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL - ECHAD!

Show your support for Israel by purchasing a "One Nation Echad" cup or T-Shirt.


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