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Book Review: "Betrothed"

Posted by Messiahs Truth on December 9, 2012 at 11:55 PM

Betrothed by Douglas A. Wheeler:

a review by Byron Lambert

"Betrothed" by Douglas A. Wheeler, is a practical and easily understood guide to experiencing intimacy in our relationship with God through Yeshua Messiah/Jesus Christ.  Starting with 2 Peter 1:1-5, Dr. Douglas takes the reader back to the original thoughts, language and scriptures as originally written; then explains the meaning of words that through translation have missed their mark in conveying the real meaning that they were intended to express.  Writing in an easy style that is thorough but not overly stuffy, Dr. Wheeler gives substance to written words from ideas to concrete concepts. Clearing away a millennium’s worth of manmade religious confusion by presenting the simple truth: God wants to know and love each of us intimately every second, every micro second, of our life, not only here and now but throughout eternity.

Using Peter’s written words of encouragement, Dr. Wheeler then explains from Genesis the unfolding adventure of our Creator as he created the human race to fellowship and to partner with him as a friend and steward of creation. He gives an overview of how Adam and Eve’s choice caused him to move the history of human kind through Mt. Sinai to Calvary to bring man to the fellowship of intimacy that he created for all of us to experience. God did this through the concept of betrothal at Mt. Sinai. Dr. Wheeler’s concise explanation of the Hebrew concept of being betrothed brings illumination to the life and teachings of Yeshua/Jesus, his death, resurrection and soon coming return for his betrothed bride, the body Messiah/Christ.

It is through the love of God that all of us are transformed and delivered from the law of sin and death to the law of life.  The Hebrew word for love is 'avavah'. It expresses the love of our Creator for each of us. The eternal desire of affection that our Creator has for us is expressed through Grace, or 'chesed', a word that reveals a deeper longing for each of us than most of us have learned in our traditional Christian teachings. It is only in understanding what love and grace really mean to God—what God intended them to mean to us—that we can experience the love and grace God intends for us to experience and allow God‘s love to change us, to change our relationship with our families, spouses, sons, daughters, and friends and neighbors—to not only what God created these relationships for, but for them to become a blessing far above what we could hope or think for them. (Eph. 3:20).

True love, real grace, and complete shalom/peace are not supposed to be ideas thought about or hoped for in a ‘perfect’ or ‘future’ world. These are every-day, every-moment realities that our Abba Father wants, longs, to pour into us and impart to others through our savior Yeshua Messiah/ Jesus Christ. They only become realities when we understand what the process of our betrothal is from God’s perspective and plan. Every generation born has to come to God and experience him for themselves, for he is the living God, and his desire is to give life, blessing, love, grace and mercy to each of us. To experience these realities,we have to embrace his covenant life. Dr. Wheeler’s thoughtful and easy explanation and guide to the principals of covenant and betrothal will be a blessing to anyone who has a heart to know their Creator and experience the love of God. 

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