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Our Mission

Messiah's Truth.com is a ministry website whose platform is to provide torah-based instructions, products and resources.  The content on this site is for the sole purpose of giving you clear and concise information from many sources that will lead you to the truth, not mankinds truth, not my truth, but HIS truth.

We are also a community of Torah lovers and Torah teachers, uniting as one to teach, support, encourage and build to body of Messiah.

But more than ever, we are in agreement that as one body, the bride of Yahshua, we must be a witness to the world, and reach out to the lost tribes of Israel; and prepare ourselves for HIS coming.  No matter what - we must endure to the end and support the remnant in surviving to the end.  Not just surviving; but occupying, maintaining, standing, being ready for HIM.

Conferences and Seminars

he members of Messiah's Truth are available for conferences and seminars.

Craig Miles - founder, author and speaker



Murline Miles - co-founder, author and speaker



Craig Hodkins - author and speaker

Todd Derstine - author and speaker

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Messiah's Truth

Book of the Month - The Heart of Worship by Jimmie Black



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The Heart of Worship is a convicting plea for all believers to enter in to a more intimate relationship with the Creator of the Universe. The author reveals the humble position required in the heart of the worshipper to come into the Father’s presence. This book affords everyone the privilege of needed instruction to draw closer to God’s (Yahweh’s) presence as a personal daily experience. Individuals who put into practice the principles in The Heart of Worship will gain a greater spiritual intimacy as they learn how to worship in the presence of an audience of One although they be in the presence of many.

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This Week's Torah Portion


New Music

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Blessing & Honor, the lastest CD by Jimmie Black is an album dedicated for worship during              Sukkot - The Feast Of Tabernacles.

Listen to Blesing & Honor Here

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Davidic Praise & Worship Vol. 1 by Dennis Witherspoon is a new flavor of Praise & Worship with lyrics full of the love for YHWH and His Torah and musically tuned for contemporary worship.

Listen to Davidic Praise & Worship Here

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Worship In The Wilderness by Jimmie Black is a compilation of songs selected exclusively for worship and especially suited for Sukkot - The Feast Of Tabernacles.

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